Happy New Year to all…one bride at a time

Happy New Year to all!!!!!
I'm sure all my lovely future brides
are getting ready for there spring weddings
so I decided to feature some of our fabulous
photos from our spring collection.

First up ……..

Pink… what a great color ! Soft shades of pink always
reminds me of spring and it was also my personal choice for my own wedding.

Mike and Kate chose this color palette for their lovely beach wedding with soft minty green bridesmaids dresses.

Their 3 tired fondant cake was embellished with baby pink and white spray roses, rose petals and pink cymbidium orchids.

Beautiful Aisle stands designed with large pink roses, lillies, white hydrangea and cascading ivy greeted the bride and groom on a peaceful majestic beach in front of their 150 guests as their ceremony took place  just before sunset.

were Hydrangeas and roses in white and creme designed in a square glass vase embellished with a pink satin ribbon.

Another great spring color is lavender.

Here is a lovely bouquet of lavender roses, stephanotis with pearl heads mixed with white roses and trimmed with satin ribbon.

Rachel chose for her centerpieces floating candles in a round glass vase  with shades of lavenders and lime green.

Rachel also choice a Fabulous garden Huppa as her wedding canopy for her garden jewish wedding. It happened to rain that day but we were prepared with a cozy tent that had clear sides so we could still view the rain drops falling and yet stay warm and dry. We them moved her aisle centerpieces to her guest tables so we could get maximum use out of her decor. It turned out to be a lovely evening after all !!

Thank you for viewing our pink and lavender wedding ideas. Feel free to share our blog with any friends or newly engaged couples. We are happy to meet with your friends and family and discuss design ideas for all future weddings. Come back and visit us soon for more ideas.


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One Response to Happy New Year to all…one bride at a time

  1. Dina Feldman says:

    Whoever put your wedding together in the floral element was right on key. It’ a gorgeous floral presentation! Love the cake work, and it matching the brides maids bouquets, and then the brides bouquet being so tight and slightly diff to set it off from the rest! I; absolutely love it. I am a Floral designer who specializes in weddings and this get’s a triple A reting from me!

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