My Fair Wedding

My “My Fair Wedding” Experience with David Tutera

Well,  I have to say I am Wedding Junkie.  I can watch wedding shows all night long. “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Weddingcrashers” and of course “My Fair Wedding” with David Tutera which brings me to my reason for  todays  article.

Sometime back in March 2010 I noticed an email that was from David Tutera’s office. I figured it must have  been a general form letter asking for designers who wanted to work with them when they come on the road to Los Angeles. Well, myself always being inquisitive and not fully understanding what they were requesting , sent them back a reply that I was interested. Then I forgot all about it………………..

Meanwhile, about a month later, I received another email with a little more info and a list of dates that David Tutera was planning on filming their Los Angeles Weddings. I was booked for several of those dates but one was available in May so I sent them my availability. Then again, I just paid no mind to it.

Within another month, I noticed another email that asked to call their office .Now  this  event was becoming more real to me. Uh Oh I say….”What are  you getting yourself into?”  I often talk to myself. It’s  good therapy.  So now they want to know more about me and the props I own and what I can bring to the table.

So this is turning out to be a huge project on very short notice and I decide to ask my brother David Mark (Designs  by David) if he wants to do this project as a partnership. We both have separate Floral Businesses and although I have freelanced for him in the past we  have never worked TOGETHER as a partnership. This will be a real challenge in itself but I was trying to look at it as an experiment.  If we don’t kill each other, our parents will be very proud!!

 The Design Process

So they sent over a photo of a Huge centerpiece on a crystal candelabra. Very Round with crystals hanging from the bottom, glass orbs with votives and lots of pillar candles at the base of the centerpiece. They wanted 15 of them in purples, lavenders and whites. Lots of roses and I could make suggestions for other seasonal flowers to fit the palette. David’s assistant Nicole was my contact by phone and email and we finally decided on the flowers to use. White Hydrangea,  Lilac, Lavender roses and lots and lots of Babys Breath COVERED in irredescent  fairy dust. (VERY APPROPRIATE FOR DISNEYLAND AND VERY TINKERBELL-ISH)  The Babys Breath  and glitter was a David Tutera  design request.  We got very good buys on flowers and decided to use lavender Hydrangea and white. We wouldn’t be able to get a fire permit for the pillar candles at the base so I suggested we contact Enjoy Lighting for battery operated candles. Phyllis  at Enjoy Lighting was thrilled to participate and was so helful  in providing us with a great product.  The week of, Tuesday and Wednesday were cleaning   and vase prep days. Lots and lots of prep. David Tutera’s office offered  us  a designer named Gabrielle who would work under our direction if we wanted her. We said YES and loved working with her. Lots of fun and great energy. I suppose she was also their link to what was going on in our studio in case our design was a disaster!  But she gave us lots of positive feedback and  we swapped war stories from many past events.

 Each centerpiece was constructed on a crystal candelabra with 4 oasis cages tied onto the 4 sides and a cage wired on top. In order to make them perfectly round, we needed the cages  to round out the bottom. Each one landed up weighing a TON. OH, I exaggerate  but they needed 2 people to lift them. Delivering  these babies were not easy. They all had to be wired into a crate individually and placed into the truck with piping to hold each one upright. It was a miracle we got them to Disneyland with only one catastrophe! We did manage to repair it on the spot though, so no one knew!

Filming Day

We had to arrive at Disneyland by 10 am according to Nicole’s request. They wanted the crew to film the whole set up process from start to finish so they wanted us early even though the wedding took place at  5pm. Everything  was outside and VERY warm that day so keeping the flowers especially the bouquets hydrated  was a real challenge. They were in full sun most of the day so I have no idea how they looked on camera.

Everything was filmed in real time so it is truly a reality show. Nothing is scripted, at least the parts where I interacted and met David. He was very nice and seemed genuinely excited and happy with the outcome. He saw the flowers for the first time when it was delivered to the venue. I never met the Bride which was very strange for me so I am really looking forward to seeing it air.

My brother David and myself did manage to work together without killing each other.  We didn’t even have a fight or a blow up. We divided the jobs and responsibilities and were extremely organized.  We both  worked, designed, schlepped, drove trucks, moved tables, whatever it took to make it a success.

Our parents are very PROUD!!!




August 2, 2010

Saw the show last night and was thrilled with the way the flowers turned out. They looked so much better than I imagined. Sometimes it pays to get away from the product for a while so you can have a fresh prospective. I was so happy to see my assistant Albina on camera upholstering those darn Regal Throne Chairs. Nicole asked us at the last minute if we could change the Fabric to Purple. Change the Fabric? I'm a Floral Designer not a furniture upholstery  person  But luckily Albina is a very talented dress designer and works with fabric all the time so I gave her the challenge and boy those chairs looked PERFECT!! My son Josh was also on camera quite a bit placing the candles. That was a kick to watch!!  Aurora, the Bride looked like she had the time of her life. We wish her and her husband David the very best. We'd love to hear from you. Congratulations!

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  1. Gorgeous bouquet, Lori. And, love the centerpiece,

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