Amanda and Leonard July 31…

Amanda and Leonard
July 31, 2010
The Vineyards, Simi Valley

When Amanda first came to me for her initial consultation she explained to me that she wanted her wedding to be elegant and simple and she wasn't really a flower person. She wanted candles on the table and she planned to do that part herself. I showed her how I can do the candles for her and it would probably come out to the same or better cost wise AND she wouldn't have to deal with placing them herself. I can purchase beautiful glass , place ribbon around the glass to give a clean line and take over all the last minute preparation which a Bride shouldn't have to do. At crunch time the day of the wedding, a bride should only be preoccupied with getting married, not filling cylinders up with water and placing floating candles on the tables. That's my job! Leave it to me!

Amanda and Leonard were married at The Vineyard in Simi Valley. The Vineyard is a beautiful venue that overlooks the valley and has several  intimate areas for your ceremony. Amanda and Leonard chose the Large Arch structure where we added floral cascades, fresh garland and soft swagging fabric as their marriage canopy. I stood in the back and watched a gorgeous, elegant bride walk down her aisle holding white roses and soft blue Miscari with an added surprise on her bouquet handle of a beautiful blue sparkling broach.

Incredible photography by Helene Cornell made the memories so special to view several weeks later . Such brilliant color, wonderful candid moments and really capturing the essence of Amanda and Leonard.!  Visit her website and see what is so special about her work. 


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